The First Realization and an Important One at That Too

Author: Soumak

The initial excitement of adopting a minimal waste lifestyle is great. We want to make a change – a positive one. Everything we lay our eyes on, feel like perfect candidates for waste reduction or even elimination.

I love to eat curd for breakfast with oats. I decided to make curd at home. Its easy to do away with the small plastic pouch or the bigger plastic tubs, I thought.


And then I realized that the milk we use at home comes in a carton. There is no point in adding an empty carton to the waste bin just to reduce an empty plastic tub or a small pouch! The carton might be less harmful to the environment than the plastic tub, but that is not really a good excuse. The point, also, is to reduce the overall amount of waste. So, I realized that in order to make my curd “minimal waste compliant” I have to not only do away with the plastic tub or pouch, but also the milk carton.


So, we needed a milkman who would deliver milk to our door which we need to take from him in our container.

However, I also quickly realized the plus point. By resolving the milk problem, we also would potentially solve the problem of the silver coloured paneer pouches. 🙂 We can make our own paneer too. How? Now, that is something we will have to learn.

Shweta loves to have “Slim Milk” tea. Is that something we would get from the milkman too or something that we can achieve at home? We are not sure at the moment. Maybe it is possible, who knows?

So, this was our first realization. That to make something “minimal waste” compliant, its not enough to resort to just making something at home. We will also need to ensure that the raw materials come package free or atleast with lesser packaging than the original item itself.

And that is where a big part of the challenge lies. 🙂

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