About Us

IMG_20190324_150212-EditSoumak Mukhopadhyay, Shweta Verma (prefers the surname Mukherjee), Sonali Patel and Sudhanshu Verma!

That’s who we are from left to right in the picture above.

We are a bunch of people, living in Panaji in the perpetually sunny state of Goa in India. We love the sea, we love the beaches and we love Goa for all it is beyond the parties and the throbbing night life.

Goa is not only sunny, but is also thankfully, still a lot greener than a lot of other parts of this beautiful country. It is – touchwood – relatively cleaner too. However, the garbage and the plastics are increasing slowly, but steadily.

We might differ from each other in a lot of different ways, but agree on one thing for sure. That a minimal waste lifestyle is no longer a choice, but the need of the hour. That is, if we care about the earth that we are going to leave behind for our children and grand children and great grand children.

We, therefore, decided collectively in March 2019, that we are going to do our bit towards a better world of tomorrow and through our journey, spread the word and encourage others to adopt a minimal waste lifestyle too.

Why minimal waste? Why not zero waste (the term you might have come across), you might ask.

While we do agree that zero waste is a goal in the horizon – for the moment, we want to strive towards minimizing the waste we produce in our daily life gradually and in a systematic way, rather than trying to rush towards zero waste, fail in that and give up.

Zero Waste is really the best scenario. However, it is extremely difficult to achieve.

As things stand today, we are not experts in what we have set out to do. Honestly, we are just beginners. All we have pledged is that we will do our best. Hence the name “The Path to Minimal Waste”. Along the path, we would like to take suggestions from everyone and possibly encourage others to join our journey too.